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Jun 24

3 Ways I’m Attacking My Fears

Posted on Friday, June 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

angry-young-man-1393946-mPeace Is Vulnerable

If you asked me, “Are you a fear-filled person?”, I would respond no.  On the other hand there are subtle ways on a daily basis that fear sneaks into my mind, heart and soul.  This week in fact I realize that my fears arose and my personal peace was compromised when:

– When I expect Amy to be available to answer my phone calls, and she wasn’t for hours.
– When I’m driving & speeding and a police car with it’s lights on races up behind me.
– When I have to talk to someone and ask for a donation to TreeHouse.
– We had a three-hour outdoor activity planned for hundreds and the weather forecast was sixty-one degree and rainy.

Fear compromises peace.

Peace is Possible

While reading my Bible I landed in the biography of Jesus Christ called Luke.  Luke was written by a doctor who wanted his readers to know that Jesus was life-transforming.

Luke recorded that Jesus challenged his listeners to think outside the box — “But no one who drinks the old wine seems to want the new wine. ‘The old is just fine,’ they say.”1

By “old wine” he was referring to the way things were commonly done and commonly thought of.  And by referring to “new wine” he was of course challenging the status quo.

God challenges me to trust him.
God challenges me to live with less fear.
God challenges me not to be satisfied with “old wine” [old ways & thinking].

Peace Involves Trust

A couple of months ago my friend Steve Towler challenged me.

He invited me to join him in a business venture.

Before I met with Steve I had been talking to my friend Gina Van Asch.

Gina knows our family well.  Hesitantly, I mentioned my dream of taking my wife Amy to Hawaii.  I said to her, “I know God has blessed our family with love and compassion but not $$.”  Of course I know which is more eternally valuable, but I said to Gina that “love and compassion will not get Amy  to Hawaii.”

I wanted to to bring Amy to Hawaii so bad, but it seemed ridiculous without going into debt or quitting TreeHouse in order to make it happen.  I wondered, “Would Steve’s offer get Amy to Hawaii?”

On the other hand, I have a twenty year legacy of not being successful support raising [or sales] and Steve’s offer included sales.  But, since I am trying to listen to God’s challenge I had to attack my fears with trust.

Peace Challenge

How is God challenging you to trust him?
How is God challenging you to live with less fear?
How is God challenging you not to be satisfied with “old wine” [old ways & thinking]?



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