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Jan 6

3 Cures For The Chills

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If you think this winter is cold, you’re right.

But, be glad you’re not in Antarctica. reported that on August 10, 2010 scientists “measured the most frigid temperature ever recorded … about -136°F (-93°C) — colder than dry ice.”

Chilly Relationships

Spend any time in a mall and you’ll see freezing temperatures, indoors.

You’ll see frustrated and impatient men. You’ll see angry and frustrated women. People who’d say they love one another, but kindle coldness. The heat of their romance has formed a chill.

Beth Moore explains, “If we are convinced this is nothing but a cold world we will develop a cold heart. You can take that one to the spiritual bank every single time. If that’s how you look at life, “This is just a cold world,” we will develop a cold heart as a defense to our cold world. If we think there really is no one we can trust out there, what we’ll do is: we will ultimately get cynical.” 1

Build a barrier between you and bitterness.

My wife has said, “You can just shut off your emotions, I can’t.” I know some of us have an easier time taming our feelings. I know that some of us have stronger emotional eruptions. I also know that most people are capable of calming chaos. The voices within do not have to win. When you realize that bitterness has risen to the surface, pray for God’s help, decide you won’t settle for bitterness and remind yourself of the truth: “I’m bridge-building, not barrier-building.”

Build a bridge between you and your loved one.

Rather than focus your attention on the bad news, revisit the good news. What do you two have in common? Build a bridge on those bricks. Build the bridge with a blueprint you can both agree on.

Build a blueprint together to overcome your shortcomings.

All couples have challenges. To overcome those challenges, it helps to:
– have a blueprint to keep track of what you’re trying to build.
– have a game plan to know how you’ll face your foes like bitterness.

Charles Shedd explained, “One of my friends is fond of saying, ‘A warm meal can be ruined by a cold-hearted cook!’ Learn to enjoy your kitchen & fill it with love from your soul!” 2

What are you willing to do today?

More tomorrow.

1 – From notes from a “3/21/07” Life Today broadcast

2 – From Charles Shedd’s book Letters to Karen

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