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Mar 12

24 and Counting

Posted on Wednesday, March 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

24-Logo.svgI opened my phone this morning to a text: “Happy anniversary, Scott! 24 and counting…!”

I smiled.

“24” is my favorite television show. 55 days until the new series premieres! My wife Amy and I joined my son Josh and his girlfriend Anna who are watching Season 3 of “24” last week.

Again I was reminded how much I love that show! 1

It’s a drama filled with intrigue and suspense, humor and irony, teamwork and solo adventures, nobility and honor, heroes and humility, risks and rewards all in the pursuit of security and freedom.

“24” is a lot like TreeHouse

On June 30, 1989 I met Wayne, Sara, Shawn, Tara, Michelle, Tom, John, Mike, Jason, Beth, Amy, Justin, Rachel, Ann Marie, Krissy, Lori, Roy, Jenny, Dennis and “PD” at TreeHouse.

That summer I fell in love with them, and I fell in love with TreeHouse.

What’s not to love?!?

Drama – Have you met a teenager?!?
Intrigue & Suspense – I love being invited into their stories.
Humor & Irony – Life is ironic. You have to learn to laugh.
Teamwork & Solo Adventures – Interdependence and personal responsibility.
Nobility & Honor – I’ve met many teens and adults I admire.
Heroes & Humility – I admire the sacrifice that people make to care.
Risks & Rewards – How to decide if the reward is worth the risks involved?
Pursuit of Security & Freedom – It’s been the dominant theme of adolescence.

24 @TreeHouseMN

In March of 1990, having spent the previous eight months as a volunteer and an unpaid intern, I was hired as a TreeHouse employee.

I was nervous and enthusiastic, and didn’t know what I’d face. Two weeks after I was hired my direct supervisor announced he was quitting to return to school. He was part of the reason that I came to TreeHouse.

It wasn’t going to happen the way I planned.

My first month … was eventful. As with all new jobs the position came with some abrupt challenges. As opposed to a nice settling-in time, my first couple weeks included:
* Reconciling an abusive mother and daughter
* Three kids attempted suicide
* Two kids who wanted a personal relationship with God
* Three kids sent to Juvenile Corrections
* Two staff conflicts
* Three kids went into drug treatment programs
* And my boss told me that he was resigning

Despite these challenges I found my work to be not only rewarding, but also life-changing. I have been repeatedly humbled, while also tremendously honored to see the work of God around, in and through me.

Warren Buffett was asked how he became so successful in life. He replied, “I found something I loved at a young age.”

I did too: God and people.

Today I’m celebrating 24 years of enjoying both at TreeHouse.

1 – 24: Live Another Day premieres May 5, 2014 on Fox.

Bring on the comments

  1. Happy Anniversary Scott, you are a blessing!

  2. You are more invincible than Jack Bauer and your mission is far more important that anything he ever set out to do. You will have the longest tenure at TH, probably forever. Bless you for your faithfulness!!!

  3. Thanks Angi.
    I’m honored to be on your side.

  4. (BLUSH) God be praised.
    Thanks Wayne for being the one God used for so many days as the HQ to find and remember my place in the mission.
    God used you to make it possible for me and many others to stay as long as God wanted them to stay.

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