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Nov 20

12th Graders And Finals

Posted on Wednesday, November 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

a reader book-1191434-mIt’s nearly Finals Week for many students. As Finals week approaches Seniors in high school typically have one of four responses. They might be Soakers, Succumbers, those who are Saddened and those who are Survivors.

Soakers – They soak it all in knowing that it can be a year of highlights they will enjoy for life

Succumbers – They succumb to “senioritis” and bide their time until graduation when they can take their next steps.

Saddened – They feel regret knowing that most of their classmates will graduate, but they will not– whether because circumstances within their control, or circumstances that they could not.

Survivor – They feel ambivalent. They don’t have plans they are excited about after school, and they aren’t enjoying their senior year like the Soakers do, and in fact, they might even be jealous or resentful.

Are you in one of those four groups?
Were you
in one of those four groups?

I fell into the fourth group.

While it was likely that I would graduate, I had demonstrated the laziness that accompanied many of the “saddened” group, but because I had been blessed by God with an above-average brain I could get by with almost no effort.

Each day was an adventure in endurance, and test my endurance I did.

More tomorrow.

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