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Aug 27

12 Ways To Encourage A Child (Ages 0-118)

Posted on Wednesday, August 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

quantitative-58283_640Angry teens.
Parents in pain.
Explosive children.
Perplexed neighbors.

What can we do?

Every child I’ve met wants to be affirmed that they are lovable, capable and worthwhile.

We can start there.

12 Ways To Encourage A Child (Ages 0-118)

“You Are Lovable!”: Give attention to their character.
– Who they are has greater value than what they achieve.
– Accept mistakes; show grace.
– Bad decisions, poor choices and mistakes can be great teachers.
– Offer unconditional love. Trust can be conditional, love cannot.

“You Are Capable!”

Demonstrate that you know he or she is capable. Believe in them.
– It’s easy to see flaws if we look for them.
– Instead look for her or his gifts, strengths and potential.
– Communicate you believe that they are capable: “I believe you will succeed.”

Recognize effort and improvement
– As they make steps of progress, don’t immediately raise the bar.
– Each step is progress. Notice any growth, not just reaching the final goal.

“You Are Worthwhile!” – Honor their uniqueness
– Don’t compare her or him to anyone, except perhaps them self.
– Do demonstrate respect for the unique interests of others.
– Do show enthusiasm for the unique interests of others.

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