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Dec 1

12 Times to Say “I’m Sorry”

Posted on Thursday, December 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

My Top 5 values are Family, Friendship, Love, and Religious Beliefs, with Security edging out Peace and Self-Respect for the fifth spot, but sometimes I screw that up.

Several people I’ve talked to this week told me about their attitude toward parents, relatives, siblings and fellow customers in stores.

Did you want to be loving and blow it?

Did you want to be caring and seemed crabby?

Did you plan to not be a Black Friday freak, but you freaked out anyway?

There’s hope!

If you know that you’ve violated your values, fought with friends, filled family-time with drama and compromised your reputation, here’s some hope.

You and I can, and should see our error, own our part in the problem — even if the other person never owns there’s — and apologize for what we’ve done.

12 Times to Say “I’m Sorry”

Say “I’m Sorry” (and really mean it) whenever you…

• Are wrong.
• Are rude.
• Are defensive.
• Are impatient.
• Are negative.
• Are hurtful.
• Are insensitive.
• Are forgetful.
• Are confused or confusing.
• Have neglected, ignored, or overlooked something important to the one you love.
• Have damaged, misused, or impaired something that is not yours (even if it was an accident).
• Have not said “I’m Sorry” as sincerely and quickly as the situation warranted.

from Lists to Live By for Every Married Couple by Alice Gray, Steve Stephens and John Van Diest

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